Creative learning and ecology projects

10 04 2010

Flow is developing an ambitious new project that is international, digital, creative and ecological, and which will provide a platform or channel for any other world-changing, planet-saving campaigns, content assets and ideas. I can’t really say too much right now but want to share three lovely projects that involve creativity, young people and ecology that I’ve discovered. One is in an extraordinary field, the second is on bikes and the third is on a boat.

terra incognita present Bolly-Woods
“From March – May 2010, arts organisation terra incognita with support from Ernest Cook Trust invited a group of British Bengali young people to ‘The Field’, in rural Essex. The group, most of whom have not left Tower Hamlets before, are known to each other, as they learn and perform Bollywood dance, under the tutelage of respected young choreographer Amith Chowdhury. In a series of sessions, run by artist and educator Jean Campbell, inspiration for a new dance piece is being found in the environment of rural England. Learning new things – notation of dance, natural history of England, woodland management; gaining new experiences – tree felling with hand tools; and bringing their experience together to reflect the relationship between traditional rural activities and movement used in Bollywood dance. The project culminates in a performance in May 2010. ‘The Field’ is 13 acres of mixed open space and woodland which has over the last year been a space for conservation, culture, allotments for Londoners, and a meeting space for the unexpected.

The Othesha Project

This is a much more nomadic project, taking theatre and creative activism on bikes to young people round the country.

“We’re taking sustainable living personally. Sometimes we’re nomadic cyclists, other times we’re improv theatre wizards and every so often you can find us shamelessly sowing seeds. We want to spread and share good ideas – from cycling to free-cycling; from free-range to fair trade – and create social and environmental change through our everyday lives. At the heart of the Otesha Project you’ll find a two-wheeled revolution. Every summer, teams of wonderful young people are hopping on bikes and travelling across the UK, stopping at schools, festivals and communities along the way to perform the Otesha play and generally make the world a better place. And that’s not all. We work with young people in schools, colleges and youth clubs, helping them to set up projects that will make it easier for other people in their schools and communities to live in a cleaner, greener, fairer way. ”

I especially like the monthly challenges to young people on the website.

Finally, another ambitious and travelling project, Atlantic Rising

This is “a charity on a 32,000km journey circumnavigating the Atlantic overland along the 1m contour line. This is the level scientists predict sea levels may reach in the next 100 years. Along the way we are creating an educational network between 15,000 students in low-lying coastal communities. Through our photography, films and writing, we are also documenting what will be lost if these predictions come true.”

Please do share any other great examples in the comments here.


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