The unextinction machine

24 07 2011
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unextinction machine, a set on Flickr.

My daughter Megan (aged 11) and husband Brian have created this amazing mural together. Megan had the idea of a machine that could accelerate evolution and combat extinction, through the power of creativity. The machine spews out new creatures at a rapid rate, as fast as species are going extinct. These new creatures can adapt better to a changing environment. Megan and Brian collaborated together to invent the new creatures, by drawing parts and then completing each others’ drawings. It can be seen from 24 July – 4 September, at the Hill Station, a cafe and cultural centre that is run by and for the community, in Kitto Road, Telegraph Hill, London. The Hill Station is open 7 days a week (excluding evenings).

You can follow updates on Twitter from @unextinctionmac – but please note they might be rather slow, as the machine will be rather busy. Over time, the more vocal and intelligent creatures may be able to start tweeting for it.

Look on the project website for more information. You’ll find out more about how you can get involved in two main ways:

1) You can name our creatures – we will be posting pictures on Flickr of each creature and in the comments you can suggest names for them, and maybe habitats, habits and so on, so that we can care for the creatures. The ones that get named will start tweeting.

2) You can create your own creature. Post a photo of your collaborative drawing or sculpture on the Unextinction Machine group on FlickrĀ









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