About Climate Action in Culture and Heritage


This is a place for ideas on ecology and climate action in the arts, culture and heritage sectors. It was initiated by me, Bridget McKenzie, and I’ve written most of the posts, but many are by guest authors.

Many of the posts are opinionated and passionate, reflecting the seriousness of climate change.

One reason I started this blog is to expose the Framework for Climate Action to others, an evolving set of principles and concepts for organisations to take on and adapt. Please comment on the Framework, on this page.

I also wanted to fill a gap. There are several UK initiatives in the arts but there is a gap in the broader cultural sector, including arts, museumsa and heritage. There is a need for more co-ordinated action across the arts, museums, heritage sites, heritage landscapes, libraries and archives. This blog won’t accomplish such join-up alone, but I hope it will show the commonalities across the sector.

My photographs & photoprojects can be found here. I’m director of Flow Associates, a consultancy working in the cultural and heritage sectors.

Yew shadow on yew, Hampton Court Palace

2 responses

29 11 2009
Cathy Fitzgerald

Hi Bridget,

Will add your link to my site – there are a few curators here in Ireland about art & ecology, not so much in heritage as its such a new way of thinking in the cultural sector


10 10 2010

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