Cool it schools

12 05 2009

Cool It Schools is a simple web-based project with a really big ambition of sending a strong message from UK schools to the participants in the Copenhagen Climate Change conference in December 2009. I want to endorse it because it is a great example of a project that has started small but amplified itself for a greater impact. It has begun as a creative enquiry project in the Charter School in East Dulwich, South London. Students have worked with artist and curator, Jane Langley, to create a big visual and sonic installation exploring ecology and climate change. It has expanded into a resource that will amplify it for much greater impact.

Cool It Schools asks children and young people to do their own creative enquiry projects, using creative collaborative approaches to research and communicate topics to do with ecology and climate change. The website will soon allow you to upload your own topic plans and outcomes. It’s not overtly stated in the website, but there is nothing wrong with museums, galleries and science organisations initiating or supporting a schools project as long as the school registers on the site and takes the lead.


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